Collectible alcohol offers enthusiasts of
distilled temptation an even greater pleasure than classic alcohol.

It is used to be bought by connoisseurs who, in addition to the taste buds, also want to please the eyes and their own collection.

Collectible bottles of alcohol are today often seen as an investment in art and increase in value over time. Many of them are packed in exclusive packages or are a work of art in themselves.

Collector alcohol is often also limited edition, which is often inspired by historical figures or events, or modern trends such as e.g. series Game of Thrones. It is not uncommon for there to be only a few thousand bottles in circulation, or even only hundreds or tens.


In our e-shop you can find, for example, such a jewel as whiskey Duncan Taylor Glenlivet 1968 Rare Auld. Only 151 bottles of it are available worldwide and its amount rises to five thousand euros.

Collectible alcohol is also a great idea for a gift. Thus, you dedicate something really special to the recipient and show him that you appreciate him.
Thanks to the collector's editions, you can delight lovers of a specific brand of alcohol with an exceptional piece that they do not yet have at home, or would not have bought it themselves.