Wine is fermented grape juice. Simple. However, if it were really that simple, we wouldn't need experts to make it. More than one domestic "vincúr" has already convinced himself of this. In reality, however, wine is the result of a complex process, containing many simple actions. And it is precisely because of the complexity of this process that wine is such a fascinating drink. Each wine tastes different despite the fact that individual producers may have used the same grape varieties from the same quality vineyards with the same climatic conditions. That's the little wine miracle. Wine can also be made from other fruits or herbs. In that case, its name must be supplemented with the type of fruit, or labeled generally as a fruit wine. The very word wine on the label always indicates wine from the vine. Since the Slovak wine lover has relatively easy access to good wine, on our website we mainly offer less affordable but very high quality wines. Not excluding fruit.

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