Bottleshop sk

One ​​of a kind shop. In our portfolio you will find brands that are not offered by any other company in our country. We have even prepared for you the possibility of tasting our products. The environment in which we come into contact with customers must also radiate elegance, taste and unique style, and therefore meet the standards of our customers. We also offer courses for bartenders through professionally trained experts, including tasting of alcohols that they will encounter in their industry.

We offer over 4,000 items of all possible types of alcohol. The main message of our company is to offer customers above-standard services and products, which is why we decided to run an e-shop, through which you can order the product you want at any time from the comfort of your home.

Due to the high demand for the assortment, we later decided to open another branch in Bratislava, specifically on 3/3/2015 Bottleroom. The design of both branches is in a uniform style, radiating elegance and excellence - we try to create a pleasant environment for you, where you will be happy to return regularly. Thanks to your support, our company continues to grow and we are already opening another branch on Obchodná Street, where you will also be able to try various alcohol tastings in addition to buying high-quality products.